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Car review: Vauxhall Agila

Car review: Vauxhall Agila

The name might sound familiar, but the car is entirely new. The Vauxhall
Agila is the car the Luton-based manufacturer hopes will compete with ? and
beat ? the likes of the Renault Modus and Fiat Panda.

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the full review now.

2008 Saturn Astra

BMW dealership in Nebraska not honoring eBay auction

This is really frustrating. Everything started when a BMW dealership in Nebraska put up an auction eBay for a Jerez Black M3 sedan with a Fox Red interior starting from $60,000. I'll have to agree with them that it was really “LOWEST PRICE ON EBAY” (as they said on the auction site) and a gentleman from California made his bid for $60k.


So what happened? The BMW dealership failed to send him the car and when our guy called them they explained “it was a mistake” and said he won't get the car. From what I know submitting an auction to eBay it's like a small contract between the seller and the buyer. I'm very infuriated for the guy …

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