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Jaguar and Land Rover to be bought by Tata

Jaguar and Land Rover to be bought by Tata

By PA/Stuart Milne

Jaguar and Land Rover are to be sold to Indian car giant Tata, it has been

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US giant Ford is set to announce that Tata Motors will take over Land Rover and
Jaguar, which has a plant at Halewood, in a deal worth around £1 billion
and which will safeguard about 16,000 jobs.

the full story now.

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I never thought I'm going to say it but I hate Aston Martin. Why I hate them? Because they've just released some teasing (but official) pictures of the new Vantage GT2 and man that's a pretty design I'm looking at. I don't know for sure if the orange will stay, but it sure looks pretty. Rumors say that it's going to run on standard fuel and E85 bio-ethanol hanks to the successful conversion of the DBRS9. As soon as we have more info you'll get it.

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